About RDU Gallery

Questions about RDU Gallery?

contact@betterimage.org or visit: www.betterimage.org

What is RDU Gallery?

RDU Gallery wants to be a constantly growing collection of local websites submitted by the Raleigh-Durham and Triangle Area online community. Anyone can vote and comment on any website so the owners may know how to improve their online presence.

It also makes it easy to find good local information. The preview of the site is an innovative tool that saves you time and frustration when searching for things. Have you ever got lost or annoyed with advertising on sites like Citysearch.com, Local Guides or Yellow Pages? Exactly!!

Can I submit any website?

Yes. In fact, we encourage you to submit lots of useful local websites. To do so, please go to Submit Website page, and enter the required information.

What are your submission guidelines?

The more guidelines that are followed, the greater the chances of it being listed.

The guidelines are as followed:

  • The site must be local.
  • It should not contain excessive advertising.
  • It should have useful information.
  • The site should be attractive and respect web standards(unless it is an official website 🙂 ). Web Design Tips
  • Include an objective description

What are the voting guidelines?

Please be objective. Vote about how the website looks and feel not about the actual business. If you are happy with the online experience please vote 5. If you are not vote 2 or 1.

What are the guidelines to commenting?

We do have a few simple rules to posting comments. The whole idea is to make the website owner aware of his online user experience.

  • Make sure your comment is relevant to the topic. Discussion not pertaining to the subject will be deleted.
  • Please be polite. This does not mean you cannot provide negative feedback to a website, just don’t be offensive.
  • Be specific. Rather than just saying “I like this website,” give reasons why you like that website. This should help the website owners and anyone else reading your comments.